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At Home Speech Therapy Christmas Activities

Updated: Apr 10

Keep those little elves occupied and make the season even more magical for them with our round-up of speech-related Christmas activities!

Melting Snowman Craft

This activity can help with following multi-step directions. It also targets a variety of other things (nouns, prepositions, new verbs). Pairs great with the book Sneezy the Snowman!

Instructions for Melting Snowman
Download PDF • 5.11MB

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a fun way to help practice vocabulary (nouns, adjectives), compare and contrast (different kinds of lights), and prepositions (around, under, on top, etc).

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt (1)
Download PDF • 721KB

Christmas BINGO

Christmas Game Bingo Image

Christmas Bingo is a fun activity that you can use to practice understanding and using describing words, such as colors, and prepositions (the one you're looking for is UNDER the Christmas cookies or the ornament as at the BOTTOM of the page, for example). It's also good for comparing and contrasting - Santa and the snowman are both skating, but Santa has a red hat and the snowman has a green hat, etc. You can also use it to practice answering "what are they doing" questions for Christmas vocab (eg. wrapping, skating, driving, smiling, etc.).

Christmas Bingo
Download PDF • 4.50MB

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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