Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on helping your child develop the fine motor skills, visual and perception skills, cognitive skills and sensory processing skills necessary to allow them to successfully participate in their daily activities. Each child's daily activities and therapeutic goals will be different depending upon their age, their deficits and their goals.

At Beelieve, your child will be thoroughly observed, evaluated and assessed during his or her first appointment with our pediatric team. We work with children from infancy through age 21 who may been injured, born with a disability or congenital anomaly or who have any degree of developmental delay or concern from parents, doctors or teachers. Our expertly trained pediatric occupational therapists focus on age-appropriate developmental enhancement of your child's performance in his or her daily living skills.

So that we can serve your child appropriately, we work closely with any professionals who play an important role in your child's life. We will create your child's occupational therapy plan while working closely with any of his or her: physicians, therapists, teachers or others recommended to you. At Beelieve, your child will be evaluated and treated in the following occupational therapy areas:

  • Daily living skills - We will work with your child so that he/she can participate in the areas of bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding and playing.

  • Fine motor skills - Our occupational therapists will assist your child in learning how to develop fine motor skills so as to successfully master basic living tasks, such as: writing with a pencil(pencil grip), tying shoes, using scissors, zippering and buttoning buttons.

  • Ocular motor skills - If your child has difficulty with visual perception and eye control, he or she will be treated by our occupational therapists to be able to recognize objects in order, to make  adjustments regarding size and spatial relationships and to have the ability to use both eyes in coordinated manner. It is important to note that our occupational therapists will not address your child's need for corrective lenses, and this concern should be directed toward an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

  • Sensory integration - All of the sensory systems including sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing and even body movement and position can all affect child's development. If your child has any sensory deficits, our team will use age-appropriate activities in order to help him or her regulate sensory input. 

  • Coordination - Eye-hand coordination, body awareness, balance, gross motor coordination,mobility, flexibility and core strength are all crucial to your child's success and self-esteem, as they all collectively will allow your child to participate in and master age-appropriate physical skills and activities (such as PE class) with their peers.

  • Perceptual motor skills - These skills allow for sensory information to be successfully understood by your child. Perceptual motor activities involve using the brain (cognitive skills) and (physical skills) simultaneously, like walking and talking at the same time.

At Beelieve, our occupational therapists will also provide you with a evaluation and suggestions regarding your child's need for assistive equipment that may help him or her succeed in activities of daily living, such as bathroom equipment, wheelchairs, splints and other therapeutic devices.

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