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Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy

Why won't my child eat? 

beelievepediatrictherapy Feeding Therapy

Feeding is the complex interactions between the selection of food, ingestion, and regulation as well as the engagement between the child, caregiver, and environment.

Feeding difficulties tend to result from a multitude of factors: sensory, oral motor, medical, behavioral, social, and environmental.

Due to the complexity of feeding, an advanced occupational or speech-language therapist must examine all components: sensory, oral motor, medical, behavioral, and social/environmental.

Components of Feeding

Feeding is a physical task that requires simultaneous coordination of all sensory systems: 

visual, auditory, gustatory, tactile, olfactory, vestibular, kinesthetic and proprioceptive.


Oral Motor

Feeding problems are more common in children with developmental delays or disabilities, autism, diabetes, and other conditions.


As children mature, feeding behaviors are increasingly influenced by events, consequences, and social contingencies. Unpleasant feeding events could highly influence the way a child interacts with others and foods.


Feeding is essential to human survival, but it is also a form of social interaction which is influenced by culture, food choices, rituals around meals, and its social meaning


Swallowing is considered one of the most complex physical activities humans engage in because it requires all of the body’s organ systems including muscular and skeletal. Oral Motor skills consist of the structures and functions that allow the process of eating and swallowing. 

Research shows that 80.7% of clients are referred to a clinic for underlying medical conditions that relate to feeding (Williams et al., 2006).


An infant and toddler’s anatomy and physiology is much different than an older child and adults, thus impacting how they manipulate foods.

Depending on your child's needs, they may be seen by a Speech or Occupational Therapist to address feeding concerns. Our team has a variety of trainings, certifications, and experiences that will help your child BEE the best they can BEE!

SOS Approach to Feeding
Simon Says
Feed the Peds Trained
beelievepediatrictherapy Feeding Therapy

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