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Aquatic Physical Therapy

Why water?

Water is amazing! It provides buoyancy that reduces your child's body weight
allowing them to move in ways that they simply cannot on land. It also provides increased resistance that air cannot provide making all movements both supported and resisted at the same time! Aquatic therapy can relax muscles in warmer water, creating a massaging effect on muscles, joints, and ligaments ultimately promoting increased blood circulation, improved mobility, and reduced inflammation. Plus, how many kids do you know that don’t love splashing in the pool? Now they can enjoy the fun of the waterwith the benefits of helpful water exercises.


Is aquatics right for you?

Most children that receive regular physical therapy services can benefit from aquatic physical therapy. If your child is working on improving range
of motion, strengthening muscles, improving gait/walking patterns and
skill, increasing muscular and cardiovascular endurance, balance skills, coordination, and/or reducing pain, aquatic therapy may be beneficial for your child! If your child is motivated by (and enjoys) time in the water, aquatic PT sessions may be a good fit! Talk to your child's current physical therapist or reach us via email for any questions!

Pediatric Aquatic Therapy
Pediatric Aquatic Therapy Aledo
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Meet our Aquatic Physical Therapist Leads!

Aquatic Therapy and Rehab
"[Aquatic PT] has helped relieve my daughter’s pain and she LOVES it. Being able to do exercise and stretching without the force of gravity adding to the difficulty is a life saver."

- Debi R

Email to see if aquatic physical
therapy is right for you!

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