Why a bee is our vision for the clinic:

The bumblebee is not the most graceful of all flying bugs. Compared to his winged counterparts, he's bulky, clumsy and awkward. His huge body and his tiny wings force him to work harder to get the job done. In fact, science would say that simply flying is a major feat in itself; science would say that on paper he shouldn't be able to get off the ground.

Of course, we all know that bumblebees do fly - they may not be as graceful as a butterfly or as fast as hummingbird but they get the job done. The bumblebee doesn't know he's not supposed to fly, he simply wakes up, flaps his wings and goes.

In the same way, the world often looks at children with special needs and thinks they shouldn't be able to do what typically developing kids can do. The world thinks they'll never achieve what others can simply because they were born differently. The team at Beelieve Pediatric Therapy believes all kids have the power to reach their potential! Children with special needs may not be as graceful as their counterparts, but they wake up, flap their wings and go! Beelieve Pediatric Therapy is designed to help these kids reach their full potential. We're here to help them fly!

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