Pediatric physical therapy is beneficial to children with mild to severe developmental delays that may be due to known or unknown causes. For these children, intervention is a critical component in allowing them to function independently.

At Beelieve, our ultimate goal is that your children will reach their maximum potential in our program and BEE the best they can BEE! Through careful discussion with you and your child, along with a detailed physical examination, we will create an individualized treatment plan that targets your child’s specific needs and goals.

Our knowledgeable physical therapy team is passionate about promoting independence in our (birth to age 21) patients so that they may be able to participate in and enjoy their daily activities. Our team sees children from infancy all the way through adolescence and we work closely with parents and families as well as any of the child’s doctors, therapists, specialists or teachers. This collaboration allows us to develop an effective and comprehensive treatment plan for your child and his/her individual needs.

In order to provide the most effectual pediatric physical therapy treatment plan, our physical therapists will thoroughly observe and assess your child during your first appointment.  Your child’s mobility, joint function, strength and balance will all be carefully evaluated. Here at Beelieve, our team provides evaluation of and treatment in the following areas:

  • Developing skills that will help your child correct any gross motor delays

  • Increasing strength and overall muscle tone

  • Correcting any range of motion issues (from hypermobility to stiffness)

  • Teaching correct posture and postural control

  • Increasing your child’s endurance and stamina for everyday activities

  • Assisting with abnormal gait - also known as ‘Gait Correction’ or ‘Gait Training’

  • Addressing any existing musculoskeletal conditions

  • Developing sensory processing skills

  • Providing suggestions for adaptations that will allow your child to succeed in everyday activities, such as altering his/her environment, adapting materials used, modifying an activity, peer support, invisible support and adult support

  • Teaching proper wheelchair positioning and usage guidelines for children as well as parents and other support people

  • Providing and instructing on the use of support materials such as braces, splints, orthotics and taping

At Beelieve Pediatric Therapy, we pride ourselves in offering children the opportunity to develop their physical skills through participation in fun, exciting and enriching activities. A variety of different activities and techniques will be used during each of your child’s physical therapy appointments in order to address all of the areas of concern. We want your child to enjoy physical therapy so they will look forward to coming back for their next appointment.


By partnering with us at Beelieve Pediatric Therapy, you will be working with the most loving and compassionate team of trained professional pediatric therapists in the area! We realize that it is a privilege to serve and work closely with your child and your family. We are completely devoted to your child’s success, and it is as much a thrill for us when your child succeeds, as it is for you. Your child’s goals become our goals, and we will work passionately to help make those goals a reality.

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