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  • Receptive and Expressive Language Therapy Our speech and language therapists help children with both receptive (understanding, responding to and following directions) as well as expressive (using words or sign language to share thoughts and feelings with others).

  • Voice Therapy– A variety of pediatric voice disorders can have profound effects on a child's life. If your child is experiencing changes in pitch, loudness and overall voice quality, they may benefit from voice therapy, which also includes treatment for resonance and fluency disorders.

  • Articulation Therapy – If your child has difficulty hearing and differentiating sounds as well as sounding words out so that they may be understood by others, he/she should be evaluated for an articulation deficit Or disorder.

  • Oral Motor Function Therapy – During sessions with our speech and language therapist team, any difficulties with movement involving the mouth in order to speak, swallow Or eat will be addressed through strength training sessions, coordination practice and breathing therapy.

  • Apraxia – In children who suffer from childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), the brain has difficulty making plans for speech movement. If your child suffers from apraxia, our therapists will help create a therapy plan that focuses on practicing syllables, words and phrases in a repetitive and frequent manner

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Your child may also be evaluated for an augmentative and alternative communication device if needed. These devices allow children with disabilities to communicate either with unaided or aided systems, such as sign language, picture charts or assistive technology that may involve a high or low tech device.

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