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Funding Opportunities

We know that commercial insurance might not always provide or fully cover the help that your family needs. Here are some funding opportunities for grants and scholarships that may provide additional assistance for assistive devices, therapy, medical bills, technology, and more.

Autism Care Today gives grants for treatment, assessments, and equipment. They also have ACT Today SOS Program for needs that can’t wait and an ACT program for military families.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation offers scholarships for swimming lessons, iPads, equine therapy, film school, and gift cards during the holidays.


Alyssa V Phillips Foundation supports individuals with cerebral palsy to maximize independence.

Bee The Change provides financial support as well as advocacy, encouragement, and resources to families with complex medical needs.

Cerner Charitable Foundation provides funds to families with limited incomes for medical/psychiatric services, vehicle modification, transportation, or items not covered by insurance.

Challenged Athletes Foundation has grants for sports equipment, training, or even costs for children with physical disabilities.


Gia Nicole Angel Foundation enhances the daily functioning of a child with special needs and his/her family by awarding assistance through the purchase of a specific item or items. Gives grants to children with disabilities or health care needs who meet certain income requirements. Grants might be for therapies, equipment, essential family bills, camps, and more.

Holton’s Heroes gives grants to children (18 and younger) with brain injuries that happened after birth. As part of the application, they ask for a short video about your child or family.


The LENN Foundation is a nonprofit helping children with cerebral palsy by providing financial relief for medical needs not covered by insurance.

Lexi Kazian Foundation offers grants for assistive technology, therapy, or parent education and training.

McClindon Family Foundation gives adaptive bicycles to children with disabilities. Thera is no application; email or call them after talking to your child’s doctor or therapist about if a bicycle could be right for your child.

The Morgan Project provides resources, gently used disability equipment, and small grants.

Small Steps in Speech has grants for children and young adults (age 22 and younger) with speech and language conditions.


Special Kids Fund donates wheelchair capable vans to families in need.

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation Grant provides financial assistance for families with children that have medical needs not covered or fully covered by their commercial insurance plan.


Variety: Kids on the Go Program provides funding for walkers, wheelchairs, specially designed adaptive bikes, strollers, prosthetic limbs, and other devices to children with disabilities. Apply with the digital application or print application.


The Wheel to Walk Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps children and young adults (under 21 years old) with disabilities obtain medical equipment or services that are not provided by their insurance companies. Purchasing items such as shower chairs, therapy bikes, special beds, communication devices, speech therapy, etc.


Wheelchairs 4 Kids gives wheelchairs, vehicle and home modifications, and assistive devices to children and young adults up to age 21.


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