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Myofunctional Therapy

What is an orofacial myofunctional disorder? 

An orofacial myofunctional disorder describes any irregularities in the function and form of the facial and oral muscles, including

dental or skeletal structures that affect normal development and

growth. OMD’s can occur throughout the lifespan and present

differently in different age groups.

Myofunctional Therapy
myofunctional therapy fort worth

What is myofunctional therapy? 

Orofacial Myofunctional therapy includes the elimination of improper oral habits and re-learning of the oro (mouth) and facial (face) muscles and their function through repetitive exercises. We focus on teaching children and adolescents to breathe nasally, develop proper oral rest posture, chew and swallow correctly, and correct speech sound errors. 

Does my child have an orofacial myofunctional disorder? 

Infants - 3 y.o.

  • Difficulty nursing

  • Poor latch for breast or bottle feeding

  • GERD

  • Open mouth posture

  • Difficulty transitioning to solids

  • Gagging, choking, or vomiting

Young Children

  • Tethered oral issues

  • Tongue thrust,reverse swallow

  • Persisting oral habits such as thumb sucking or pacifier use

  • Mouth breathing

  • Eating primarily soft foods

  • Drooling

  • Improper jaw growth or malocclusion

  • Impaired speech


  • Open mouth resting posture

  • Malocclusions

  • Orthodontic relapse

  • TMD, jaw pain, or facial pain

  • Persisting Articulation errors

  • Issues with chewing and diet or persisting food aversions

  • Oral habits

  • Sleep disordered breathing

  • Improper tongue resting position

  • Improper body posture

myofunctional therapy Aledo
learning control oral muscles of myofunctional therapy
myofunctional therapy

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