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Intensive Tools: HyperVibe

Updated: Apr 10


The Hypervibe is a plate that uses whole body vibration and can be set to different levels depending on the child’s needs. We utilize this tool across many treatments, including Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Intensive Therapy. It uses mechanical oscillations to stimulate the neuromuscular system while also assisting the skeletal system. One of the great things about the Hypervibe is that therapists can provide assistance to sit or stand on the plate and they can gain benefits right away, even if the patient doesn’t have independent body control.

Many kiddos love using the Hypervibe during sessions as it calms the nervous system, which reduces anxiety, helps regulate muscle tone, and induce relaxation. This tool also helps break up their usual routine in the gym, providing a new sensation and added sensory input while exercising!

Different frequencies can be used for a variety of benefits:

  • Low frequencies facilitate muscle contractions for stabilization when standing or sitting.

  • Mid frequencies increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage to help with circulation or swelling in the extremities.

  • High frequencies provide the most stimulation, creating involuntary reflexive muscle contractions that are difficult to target.

Utilizing whole body vibration is highly individualized, providing exactly what each kiddo needs to help them BEE the best they can BEE!


  • Improves balance

  • Reduces spasticity

  • Regulates muscle tone

  • Increases muscle activation and strength

  • Improves walking ability and functional mobility

  • Improves bone structure and increases bone density

  • Increases total body muscle and bone mass

  • Improves walking speed, tep length, and step width

  • Improves muscle function and flexibility

  • Increases motor function and balance

  • Decreases contractures

  • Improves cardiovascular health

  • Assists in blood flow, improving body circulation

  • Creates involuntary reflexive muscle use

  • Reduces anxiety

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