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At Home Physical Therapy Christmas Activities

Need some physical activities to entertain your kiddos? Here are a few of our physical therapists' favorites!

Santa Stomp

Follow Santa’s path using these cute Santa Boots printables.  They are a great way to move during the holidays.  Make it even better by creating an entire Christmas-themed sensory Path! Set up the gross motor path as challenging or as easy as you would like. Have the kids hop or step through the path. This is a fun way to work on gross motor skills during the holiday season

Download PDF • 752KB

Sleigh Pulling

Fill Santa's sleigh and work on pushing and pulling it. You can use a laundry basket or an empty box. This will help improve lower body strength, core strength, and power!

Reindeer Racing

Gallop/Skip like a Reindeer all the way to the finish line. This will help improve motor planning and coordination.

Christmas Tree Pose

Stand on one leg, put your hands together above your head, pose like a Christmas tree, and count to 5! This will help improve single-leg balance.

Have a wonderful and active Christmas!

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