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At Home Feeding Therapy Christmas Activities

Updated: Apr 10

Holidays can provide great opportunities for kids to explore and learn about new foods. There are many fun play ideas and lots of fun foods to explore, too! This holiday season, do not just do your regular route around the store (or buy your usual foods online), involve your child in the shopping, and explore all of the different foods that they have to offer during this holiday season. Who knows what new favorite you might find!

Give some of these fun activities that focus on achieving feeding goals a try this holiday season!

🏠Gingerbread-esque House

A fun Christmas-themed activity for children with limited menus and sensory aversions to food is to create a Gingerbread-esque House or Holiday Scene out of foods your child may not normally eat! Pull out the cookie cutters, rolling pins, and toothpicks for this one! You can roll out cheese cubes, use broccoli for trees, or even slices of bell peppers to create cool designs on the gingerbread roof. The goal here is simple... HAVE FUN with food without added pressure. The end goal is not to eat it (unless your kiddo wants to) but to increase engagement with non-preferred foods. Any way we can increase a child's tolerance for touching, smelling, or interacting with foods that aren't part of their preferred menu is a win and a great supplement to feeding therapy!

❄️Edible Snow Dough

Kiddos love opportunities to use their hands and explore new textures and tactile experiences! Edible snow dough is perfect for our little friends because if they sneak a taste, you don’t have to worry! This activity can work on following written directions/measurements (if the kid preps it) and is a fun, winter, messy play activity. 


  • 3 cups corn starch

  • 3 cups flour

  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil


Mix the dry ingredients and then add 1/4 cup of vegetable oil at a time.

Mix with your fingertips until you have a fluffy consistency that you’re happy with. It will take a couple of minutes of kneading to get it fluffy!

🦌Reindeer Crackers

For this activity, you will need crackers, peanut butter or other spread, and small pretzels for the antlers. You can use chocolate chips, M&M's, raisins, or any other round foods for the eyes and nose! Be creative and make a tasty treat while exploring new snacks!

🥯Bagel Ornaments

Spread mini bagels with cream cheese and decorate them with different shapes and textures such as cheese strips, half cherry tomatoes, bell peppers that are cut into different shapes, cucumber rounds, or stips. Ask your kids to look in the fridge or pantry to find any other food items they want to use!

🥪Cookie Cutter Sandwiches

Use cookie cutters to cut out deli meats and cheeses in different shapes. Have kids help make mini sandwiches!

We hope you enjoy these yummy treats and activities!

Have a holly jolly Christmas! 🎅🏼

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