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  • Do you accept my insurance?
    We currently accept most insurance. Call and have our staff verify your benefits to determine what is covered by your individual insurance policy.
  • What should I expect at our first visit?
    Our therapist will meet with the child and parent for the evaluation. The parents will be asked some medical history, developmental, and social questions so the therapist can get to know the child. The child will then be observed during play so the therapist can assess and evaluate the child's strengths and limitations. The therapist will then discuss her findings with the family and discuss same achievable goals for the child to help meet the child and the family's needs.
  • What roles do we parents need to play in Weir child's-therapy?
    I am so glad you asked that! Parents. (and siblings) are vital to a child's therapy. The therapist will include the parents in everything about their child's therapy-from the evaluation information, goal setting, how the child is doing in daily sessions and what the family can work on at home with the child. Working with your child at home is going to be invaluable in their therapy. Only when working as a team (the child parents-therapist) are the optimal outcomes achieved!
  • How long will my child need therapy and how often will my child come to therapy?
    This will depend on the findings from your child's initial evaluation. Your therapist will discuss with you her recommendations based on the functional limitations noted for your child. We will re-assess at least every 9 months. Often, we see children with severe needs 2-3 times per week, and once a week is recommended for less severe impairments.
  • How long does each visit last?
    The initial evaluation will last 1-1.5 hours. Each session after will be 45 min-1 hour, with the last 10 minutes used to discuss session details and home exercise program with parents.

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