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Our Clinical Students are unBEElievable!

Updated: Apr 10

Beelieve Pediatric Therapy is proud to be a teaching clinic!! We have had the honor of working with amazing universities to help students through the final stages of their graduation process and prepare them to BEE the best therapists they can BEE under the guidance of our amazing team! Many of our therapists sponsor a grad student each year, providing our team the opportunity to teach and hone their skills while helping the students understand firsthand what they might see in the field after graduation.

How do we choose grad students?

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Typically, universities or students will reach out directly to see if we have openings for their rotation. We have many Texas universities that we work with regularly, and we have even had students come from out of state to be placed with us!

Students apply and go through an interview process to see if they will be a good fit for our clinic. We look for students that are passionate about pediatrics, willing to learn, and has a personality that fits into Beelieve’s culture and goals.

Finally, therapists will approve students for work at Beelieve!

What is the purpose of clinical rotations?

Beelieve accepts students that are graduate students working on their Master’s or Doctorate degree.

Level 1 students- Visit for a week to observe and plan activity ideas.

Level 2 students- Visit for 8-12 weeks depending on their program. They begin as an observer, seeing what our therapists do in sessions and learning about how to understand and respond to our kiddos’ unique needs. Students will begin treating clients, adding on a few sessions each week, until they are able to treat and manage a full caseload and complete the process from initial evaluation to graduation!

Our kiddos are always our therapist’s top priority, they fully supervise students while treating and can provide guidance or insight when necessary. All notes, evaluations, and treatment plans are reviewed and approved by their supervising therapist, ultimately the therapist will still make final treatment and assessment decisions.

The students that you will see with us are learning to communicate treatment and explain the process to families, so they will accompany kiddos and speak with families about treatment, but if a family ever has extensive questions, our therapists are always available to speak to!

How do clinical rotations help our kiddos BEE the best they can BEE?

- Exposing kiddos to different treating therapists means more interaction with new people to gain more confidence in their skills and communication. This will help them be comfortable in social settings and meet new people, a vital skill as they get older!

- Clinical students are learning as they treat and are up to date on the most current treatment methods and strategies. This helps our kiddos and our therapists acquire new skills they can use in the future!

- Many students are required to create a presentation, project, or activity for our clinic to use in future sessions, this means they leave a lasting impact on Beelieve! Students have created parallel bars, a visual schedule board, social camp curriculum, a fidget/ lock board, social cards, and more!!

Many of our therapists were students at Beelieve!

"Being a student at Beelieve Pediatric Therapy was such an amazing experience. The work was hard, but the reward of treating littles made everything worth it. I always felt at home and welcomed by Joanna and the rest of the hive. At the time of my clinical rotation, Allison was my clinical instructor and she was the most encouraging, kind, and patient CI who truly lived up to helping kids BEE the best they can BEE. I never knew I wanted to specialize in pediatrics when I started my physical therapy journey, but being a student at Beelieve Pediatric Therapy brought to life my true passion for helping little ones achieve greatness!" - Mrs Ellen

"I will be forever grateful Joanna took me as a student in summer of 2017. My school had limited pediatric rotations so I reached out to Beelieve to see if they would be willing to take me! Joanna was (and still is!) an amazing mentor. I learned so much from her and she helped shape me into the clinician I am today. Her response to that one email and allowing me to be her student has turned into almost 5 years of being a PT at Beelieve!" - Mrs Allison

"My time as a student clinician at Beelieve was the absolute best experience! I spent my last semester here at the hive, and it was definitely the highlight of graduate school. My supervisors Mrs. Krista and Mrs. Sam were always encouraging and uplifting, which really helped me gain confidence as a new therapist. They helped mold me into the clinician I am, always offering creative insight. I am so thankful that Joanna and the entire team at Beelieve welcomed me in and offered me space to grow. I am lucky to still be able to work with some of the kids that I was able to treat during my intern semester. I look forward to coming to the clinic each day to see their smiling faces! Helping kids BEE the best they can BEE has truly become my passion!!" - Mrs Olivia

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