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We know that the challenge in parenting a child with special needs and seeing him or her reach every goal of development is one of the most difficult jobs on Earth! We are convinced that it really does take a loving, compassionate team of not only family but friends and trained professionals. When you take the step to allow us the privilege to serve your child, you are adding a huge compassionate force of new team members to help make those differences that you dream of for your child.

Pediatric Rehab

Who do we see?

We are knoledgeable and competent in
treating the functional limitations resulting
from the following common diagnoses:
Birth injuries
Toe Walking/Gait Issues
Muscle Strains/sprains

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Why is a bee our vision for the clinic:

The bumblebee is not the most graceful of all flying bugs. Compared to his winged counterparts, he’s bulky, clumsy and
awkward. His huge body and his tiny wings force him to work harder to get the job done. In fact, science would say that
simply flying is a major feat and of itself; science would say that on paper he shouldn’t be able to get off the ground

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