Beelieve Pediatric therapy provides a oxide range of pediatric rehab services to children from birth to age 21.We are pleased to offer
our patients a wonderful staff that includes physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, massage therapists and
physiologists who provide rehabilitation services

Our pediatric rehab services cover a wide range of disabilities and needs; we offer pediatric

physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and massage

therapy. Our goal is to provide your child with effective, personalized pediatric rehab in the specific

areas that she can benefit from, while your child is still young and can change and adapt easily.



Speech therapy is pediatric rehab for those children with difficulty using Verbal and non-verbal

communication. A child with speech or swallowing problems can also be a good candidate for our

speech therapy program. By working with our speech specialists, children learn swallowing

therapy, feeding therapy, voice therapy, language therapy, articulation practice, motor function

and apraxia therapy. That's tight


— Pediatric rehab IS the place to take a child who is having trouble "getting the words out"

A child who has mild to severe problems developmentally should receive intervention as soon as possible so that our pediatric rehab team reaches him/her while the brain is still developing. This will help a developmentally delayed child "absorb" the information more effectively, thus allowing him to improve at a fast pace due to the plasticity of the body and the constant renewal of neurons and synapses in the young brain.


Pediatric rehab can also focus on occupational therapy, which it to say: assisting children in developing the skills they need to actively participate in their lives. The skills taught in occupational therapy include: daily Irving skills, fine motor skills, ocular motor skills, sensory regulation, coordination and perceptual motor skills.


If your child has suffered a trauma, such as a vehicular (or other) accident, his or her pediatric rehab may also involve massage therapy. Pediatric massage therapy can also be beneficial to children who have a physical disability or chronic illness. As part of a pediatric rehab program, therapeutic massage relieves sore or tight muscles, limits the formation of scar tissue that could form during rehab appointments, increases circulation and speeds up healing times. In fact, pediatric massage therapists are experts at retraining muscles in order to allow them to become strong and flexible again.


If you are looking for pediatric rehab services in the Fort Worth area, you won't be let down by choosing Beelieve Pediatric therapy. We have nothing but your child's success and gains in mind. Our team has a strong set of values that are child-centered. Compassionate support is given to every child we see, along with their parents and family members. We realize how difficult a child's special needs are, and we strive to give you a little bit of comfort and a lot of happiness looking toward Mt future. If you want to make your child's life easier for him/her to navigate and enjoy— prepare to be pleasantD surprised.


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