Many, children who have suffered physical injuries from an accident or who may be dealing with a physical disability or chronic illness can benefit greatly from pediatric therapeutic massage. Patients who receive massage therapy services at Beelieve respond amazingly well. Used in conjunction with our other therapies (physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy), we have found that massage therapy can greatly increase a child's success rate.


At Beelieve, our goal is for your child to reach their full potential — and they may do so more quickly by adding massage therapy to their regimen. Working with patients from birth to age 21, we feel strongly about the benefits of massage in physical therapy and occupational therapy programs. Therapeutic massage helps relieve muscles that may become sore during physical therapy sessions. It can also limit the amount of scar tissue that forms after an accident or surgery has occurred. Increased circulation and faster healing are two additional benefits of massage therapy.

Our trained therapeutic massage therapists know how to retrain youngsters' muscles so that they can once again become strong and flexible. This leads to a better range of motion and balance, which will ultimately make it easier to build overall strength.


Everyone knows that massage therapy can relieve stress and encourage relaxation, but it also has the added benefit of improving your child's posture, as well as promoting deeper and easier breathing. Our Therapeutic massage program also helps relieve childhood headaches, strengthens the immune system and helps the body more effectively pump oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs.


In addition to everything listed above, pediatric therapeutic massage can also: reduce digestive ailments, ease temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, calm myofascial pain syndrome, alleviate insomnia, reduce anxiety and lessen paresthesia and nerve pain.


Our massage therapists at Beelieve are trained in a variety of techniques. During your It massage therapy appointment with us, your child's massage therapy needs will be thoroughly assessed. Our massage therapists work in tandem with our pediatric physical therapists and occupational therapists/speech therapists in order to give your child the most well-rounded services possible.


Many people believe that massage therapy is a luxury — and an unnecessary one at that Here at Beelieve, we encourage you to shake off any prior beliefs that you may have had about massage therapy and put your trust in our certified massage therapists so that your child can have the best possible chance at overcoming their physical or developmental problems. We want you to know that our ultimate goal is always your child's SUCCESS, and that they reach their maximum potential in our program. Should your child's individualized program include therapeutic massage, we guarantee that our therapists will work closely with you to cream a massage therapy plan that works.


Our pediatric massage therapists are loving, compassionate and highly trained in the areas that your child is struggling. We consider it a high privilege to work closely with you and your family to help your child's physical and developmental goals come to fruition.



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